Violence in the Workplace

In Oregon, domestic violence cost approximately $9 million in lost earnings because of domestic violence. Nearly a quarter of all full-time employed adults report to be involved in domestic violence incident. As an employer, you may ask yourself "why should I care?" The answer to that question is two-fold. Not only do you care about the well-being of your employees; but domestic violence cost your business money.


As an employer, you have an opportunity to help your employees as well as preserving your resources by confronting this issue head on. If an employee identifies themselves as being involved in domestic violence/sexual assault or stalking, you can help them by protecting them in the workplace. We recommend implementing "zero abuse tolerance" and "safety plan” policies at work. 


In recent years Oregon, has enacted laws that provide protections for employees of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault and stalking. At the bottom of this page you will find a presentation and extra material explaining some of these protections. Please feel free to use them in part or in whole to educate your workplace on the topic of workplace violence. If you would like an advocate to present this in your workplace or have more questions on safety planning, please contact one of the counseling offices to schedule.


Domestic Violence Services, Inc cannot give legal advice, at no time should you interpret any material or information as legal advice. If you feel you need legal advice, please contact your attorney. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is your employer resource, you can reach them at 971-673-0824   or


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